On behalf of all of us at Project Hope of Easton I would like to thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Project Hope of Easton!

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We are using Google forms for our volunteer registration this year, please click on the button below to register and on behalf of the Board and all the Volunteers we thank you!

 Our volunteers are very important to us and we want to keep as much order as possible for this event. If able to volunteer please fill out the following information.

(Unfortunately we have very few tasks for those be low the age of 16 and due to lack of space.  Unless otherwise directed by one of the board members we are not taking children under 16.)

We do ask all volunteers to purchase a T-Shirt for $7 if you have one from a previous year please wear it.

(We apologize but we are only looking for volunteers over 16 most of the tasks that could be assigned to people below that age are already staffed)