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Project Hope of Easton
PO Box 3785
Easton, PA  18043-3785

Project Hope of Easton

Covid-19 Meal Project

Our sincere thanks to our local restaurants who generously partner with us for our neighbors

Antonio's Pizza (3rd Street)

The Bayou

​Colonial Pizza and Spaghetti House

​​Easton Taco & Rotisserie

Lutzi's Restaurant

Picasso Pizza

​Pino's Pizzeria

​Pizza Doro

Porter's Pub

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have been affected by this disease!

Our Admiration and appreciation goes out to all of the Health Care workers, First Responders and the countless other people who have risked their well-being to provide us with all of the things we normally take for granted.

Many of our neighbors find themselves in need of assistance where this pandemic has caused additional stress on an already stressed financial situation or for many who find themselves unexpectedly unemployed or struggling.  To help our neighbors Project Hope has partnered with some of our local restaurants as well as donors and volunteers to try to lessen the burden on our neighbors.

From April of 2020 through the Christmas season of 2023 Project Hope of Easton and our partners have provided 15,568 meals to our neighbors!

We ask for you to consider supporting the local restaurants below as their generosity has helped us to provide this service and in these hard times if you can help us serve those in need consider a donation to this effort with the PayPal link below.

Remember we are all in this together and in these times more than ever everyone needs some hope

Financial Donations can be made via PayPal using the button below:

We thank you for you generosity!!!

Project Hope of Easton!

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